A Business First Approach

At GLC Solutions, we help our clients uncover opportunities to utilize and leverage technology for sustainable long term growth and business profitability. How do we do it?

Objective Advice

We’re not biased. We don’t have preferences. We’re only interested in helping you identify and implement technology solutions that improve your capacity to do business.

Specialized Expertise

We’re not some fly-by-night organization. We’ve been providing technology consulting services for many years and all of our techs and business strategists are certified experts.

Genuine Relationships

Behind every screen and interface is a real person and we care about people. Our ultimate goal is to improve the lives of those around us with the services we provide.

Our Process


It starts with candid conversations. We need to understand your business and how it operates.


Based on your responses, we recommend the best technology solutions that fit within your budget.


We create a transparent workflow clearly outlining all changes and identifying relevant stakeholders.


Get the most out of your new technology with clear documentation and hands-on training.


We supplement your training with ongoing support so you can focus on your business.

Work Smarter Not Harder

When people, technology and business processes all come together, good things happen. And leveraging the right technology will consistently keep you ahead of the game.

Improve your efficiency

Technology can enhance every aspect of your business. From daily tasks to operational processes and customer fulfilment. The right technology solution can keep you consistently operating on the cutting edge. More success means more opportunity — and that’s always the goal.

Increase your productivity

Self-sufficient teams are happy and productive. When you’re able to rely on your technology stack to do its job, your team is able to focus on doing theirs — without having to worry about the technology headaches and hangups that slow you down and reduce work capacity.

Boost your bottom line

Technology is an investment and when you put stock in the right solution, it rewards you tenfold. Together, we can create a transparent project plan for a painless transition to your new technology and provide the training and support your team needs to thrive and produce for your business.

Trusted by people

We don’t believe in good enough — we believe in well done. Our clients agree.

“GLC Solutions is the best at providing detailed feedback on issues that occur and strategies to resolve them.”

Mark Loewen

Partner, Loewen Kruse

“When I think of GLC Solutions, three words come to mind: reliable, knowledgeable and integrity.”

Paul de Jong

President, PCAC

“GLC Solutions identified our problems, explained them thoroughly and implemented successful solutions for us.”

Glenda Harskamp

Administrator, AWMAC